GBANKZ gives you the freedom to charge wirelessly.

This powerful, sleek device lets you power up wirelessly OR via USB -- for portable devices including mobile phones, tablets, electronic headphones, bluetooth devices, portable speakers, cameras, electronic vapes, and more. Whether you're at a festival, business conference, on a camping trip, a long flight, or just constantly on the go, GBANKZ keeps you off the wall and in the moment. 

GBANKZ - G1 Wireless Power Bank

Delivery or Pick Up at Festival
  • - 10,000 mAh (ex. 2+ full charges on a mobile device)

    - Qi-enabled Wireless Technology

    - Fast USB Charging with 2.1v Output (for non-Qi devices)

    - 2 USB ports for charging multiple devices

    - Easily Recharge G1 with any charging cord (USB, mini USB & iPhone)

    - Mini-USB Cord, with iPhone & Type-C Adapters Included


  • No refunds; exchanges only.


    Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we're dedicated to providing you with a quality product. If there is a problem with your device, please contact our Customer Service right away so we can rectify the issue.




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